Recollections of a Bride

Recollections of a Bride

I wake & the dream begins
A winding driveway beckons closer & closer
Warm smiles and love surround
My thoughts are with you

A transformation is unveiled
Champagne glasses chime
Anticipation and excitement grows..
My thoughts are with you

Amidst a tropical balmy setting
Family & Friends gather
A poignant melody fills the air
My thoughts are of you

Arm in Arm
My Father & I stand
I hear, 1 2 3, GO!
I see you

Smiling unending smiles
Vow’s are said, Hands are bound
A sacred promise is made
And you say ‘Hello you’..


The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Written by F Scott Fitzgerald

This will be short & sweet.

Beautifully told, it almost feels like reading poetry.

A story that instantly transports you to the flapper age and some.

Tragic, Glitzy, A tale obsessed with wealth, society, status and all it’s trappings & of course Love…!

Personally I wished that it was Jay Gatsby himself narrating the story, I would have liked it more if the author, F Scott Fitzgerald had revealed or delved into the characters a bit more, I was craving more & more story… but it is what it is.

Definitely a tale rather than a novel..

It felt like you were spying through a looking glass or one of those snow globes capturing a fragment in time.

I am one who can not wait to see it relayed on the big screen in all its splendid glittering finery! (346)

It’s Block o’clock…!

It’s Block o’clock…!

Whoever said ‘Renovations’ are FUN…..try doing them with a wedding looming and a relocation pending!!!  Maybe NOT!! **Grim laugh**

For the benefit of the Non-Aussie readers…if the title of this post is confusing – Australia has a renovating show called ‘The Block’….and that my friends is what we have right here!!!

So I never thought it would be such a sweaty business!!! They never complain about that on the telly!!! Why? It’s disgusting..they must edit those bits out, otherwise its in the winter that they do these…which would kinda make sense in this country….

So, ideally we would have done all this last year…but one had a accident and was laid up in a leg brace for nearly half the year, understandably making things rather challenging.

So organisation is key! It is usually my middle name! Yet it has escaped me at this time……given our time frame – we are doing okay….! I think…maybe not!! LOL!!

Besides the painting of the living room left…we have to get window blinds, tile a section of the bathroom, install a wardrobe, get new light fittings, Fix taps and put in a new shower head….Tidy!! (Whatever else we may find on the way…)

We have a 1 week before our first international arrivals…..!!!  Stressed much??


* Support & Help from friends & loved ones….pretty key for this kind of circumstance!
* A bubble bath..if you don’t have one – imagine one!? It might work!!
* Watch a movie…!!!  I would like to say – READ a book – but if your like me – your mind is whirring like helicopter blades 24/7 and more words and thoughts in your brain?!?!?! I think overload!
* Plan, plan, plan – write up a daily or weekly planner!
* Allow your other half to give you a neck rub! This is golden……!
* Cry if it doesn’t make your head ache worse!! It will release tension.
* At the end of the day, take a panadol and lie down in a nice cool room!!
* Bach’s Flower Remedy – 4 drops on your tongue at night helps you relax and invites the relm of sleep!

What DOESNT Help:

* Your partner trying to tickle you when your head is pounding, though an attempt to make you smile…(bless) all you really want to do is smack them!
* MESS (though people argue that it comes with the territory, it CAN be done in an orderly fashion, surely)
* Hoarding Tendencies…. If you or your other half have this problem, this ends the day the skip bin arrives…
* The plan….yes, so it’s part of the coping mechanism – but it can become the focus of your thoughts!!! (This baby has a double edged sword – but a necessary evil)

So, let the WORKS begin with the peeling of this darn ceiling! Should be easy?!!??

Happy Easter Folks!!!!


Ode to Bread Face

Ode to Bread Face


There once was a piece of bread
Whose destiny was to become a head

He had the best view in town
Across from a window, looking down

A smile was guaranteed for one and all
Whilst perched up above on his nice grey wall

Four years pass..
His reflection happily bounces off the glass

Visitors & Flatmates came n went
He never once got a dent

Till one fine day
Things went a little disarray..

Geoff, the landlord in his haste
Accidentally smacked him across the face…

Off he tumbled…& crumbled! 

Bread face, flat guardian & silent friend
We say goodbye at your untimely end..



Location, Location…

Location, Location…

We should be on TV…! One day of concentrated & targeted house hunting would have supplied a TV show one full episode, maybe two with a bit of editing… ;)

We don’t seem to do things by halves either not only do we have a wedding in April, we are set to move house in May….! Ha ha!

My fiancé’s work circumstances are seeing us relocate to the Sunshine Coast…hmmmm the coast!

It is finally feeling exciting though, I’m a real estate virgin as it were so initially at the research stage I was having to take a few deep breaths to avoid brain overload.

Our challenges – Time & Public Transport access…eh, time isn’t a major factor – if we find somewhere before the wedding, great! But heck, if its not right – we wait.  But….Public Transport access does cut our options down a wee bit.

Now, this is because I don’t have my license yet, so for at least 12 mths I need to have access to public transport….the magic number 12 – after this time I can go for my provisionals!! But I have to hold my learners for at least this amount of time before I can go for my test!!

You maybe wondering how or why, as an adult I don’t already have my license but the answer is pretty simple.  I’ve never lived far enough away from things where I needed it… perhaps until now!!!  There is nothing like a bit of incentive to get your skates on ;)

So we arrive at our first house, beautifully landscaped, low rise brick house with a lovely verandah – I’m thinking wow, good start.  Our agent turns up with another young couple and establishes with us that her companions seem to have a competitive streak ‘You can not sell them a house we want’  I openly laughed out loud at this one… was greeted by a wee glare by miss twenty something.  Again, it made me giggle – lordy this is NOT some reality TV show..or is it?! he he!

We later establish that ‘curb appeal’ in lower Buderim is v.consistent! However we enter this home and I was transported back to the 80′s…I liked it for the nostalgia…but for a future was a no.  I loved the agents attitude, how positive they can make things look… especially when there is plenty of broken brick work.  One comment ‘Oh you can take this wall down and make a wonderful space here’ My Fiancé who works in construction took one look at it and shook his head…. ‘ I spend all day on a work site, I don’t want to come home to one’ and with that – we exited house number 1…

Next up, a drive by…..curb appeal? ‘NON existent’ – The only one that day that made us turn around and keep on going – It was that bad.

# 3 Another beautifully landscaped home, its house 1 all over again..dodgy bathrooms & small bedrooms, but damn it a bus stop right outside! LOL

What continued throughout the day was a bit of a roller coast ride but mostly of disappointment – it really surprised me how many homes were let down by bathrooms and kitchens…. it has to be the 2 things most people look at…so many dated and grungy areas Eeeeew! People, if your selling your home, keep it clean!!!  Presentation inside is just as important as the outside….  I maybe new at this – but I recognise the simple things!

I’m pretty sure the other couple were of the same mind…’I only have 2 properties to show my Dad next weekend…’ exasperated! Bless her!

The day didn’t end on a bad note…..but that story is perhaps for a future post ;)  Watch this space… (411)

The Impossible…

The Impossible…

This is an epic tale of the human spirit!

It grabs you from the get go whether your reluctant to go there or not – it was difficult to watch but it was also outstanding with a capital ‘O’!!!

This is why we have cinema, this film takes you out of your comfort zone & challenges your senses!  A family holiday goes from joy and togetherness to terror and separation.

The waves, the water, the sky, the hospitals, the ravaged streets of Thailand… your right along side with them every step of the way.  Your heart once again goes out to the thousands of people & families that were devastated by the 2004 Tsunami.

The spanish family it is centralised on, I have no words but raw emotion.

4.5 stars!!! See it before it fades out of cinemas!!
Starring: Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor.. (987)



Ladies & Gentleman……..fasten your seat belts!!!

Ok guys – Do not  see this film before any major holiday activity that involves ‘flying’ and should it to be one of your ‘in flight’ movie selections – take deep breaths!!

The Star – Good ole Denzel Washington – Gee he knows how to play gritty characters!!

So, from the trailers you can guess the plot – A pilot remarkably fly’s a plane upside down when things go bad…but then…it gets worse when you discover the Captain has a few substance abuse issues.

The flying scenes are riveting, but you just want to grab him and flush his head down the toilet!!

This isn’t a movie for you if you want to escape, get lost in cinematography or even a movie soundtrack etc – this is all about ‘A Story’…and not a bad one at that even though you still want to kick his backside after the credits are rolling.

Another 8/10, for it’s genre & Denzel…(But I might revert to a star system of rating after this, it’ll be easier :-) …) (384)

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook

This weeks movie is ‘Silver Linings Playbook’…It has a great cast consisting of Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Australia’s Jacki Weaver.

The words that best describe this film would be quirky, fun, serious, an uplifting romance & it also tackles the world of mental illness.

Coopers character, Pat is released from a mental institution, he has hit rock bottom and is now focused on becoming a better version of himself with the ultimate goal of getting back together with his wife..however like life….things don’t always go to plan…. Enter, Jennifer Lawrence’s character Tiffany, she has issues of her own but together they weave a truly entertaining bit of movie!!!

I give it an 8/10 and I guess we will see if it gets the Academy’s nod of approval in February!

I also found out that it is a book too, The Author, Matthew Quick – so if you prefer that medium I’d have to say it must be worth a read!! (402)

The Book Thief….

The Book Thief….

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Maybe borrow this from your library first before you make the purchase for you personal collection?

I guess it depends what rocks your boat but I found this story a little dull n depressing, interesting in parts but the story remained stagnant, I was always waiting for it to go somewhere, do something.

Its a young girls story, located in Nazi Germany living with foster parents – uniquely it is narrated by ‘Death’ – Yes, Death (Grim Reaper) he has somewhat been captivated by her and takes you through her everyday life.

If your after an uplifting read or something that moves a little quicker – I’d bypass this one and get something else.

It is said to be Dymocks 101 reads…..I guess this is really down to personal preference….
(Anyone outside of Australia reading this, Dymocks is our version of Waterstones etc)